I'm a 21 year old immigrant of 4 years in London; here I present to you my musings over my year out from LCC and on the Diploma in Professional Studies, to explore the 'real world', before actually having to go into the real world. Bliss.
margaridafernandes.com for my Portfolio!

Back in April/May when I was at Ogilvy Lisbon, I was approached at the last minute by a copywriter who needed help to mock up some artwork for his submission to the Cannes Young Lions - I said yes, because I wanted to help him out in his desperate situation, and essentially just followed what he asked for, with less than 24 hours notice. Then we submitted. 

The submission was for a brief that called for advertising advertising space - it’s in Portuguese and it references various successful campaigns and the spaces in which they were implemented in that made widely succesful.

Always help a friend in need!

Joana Vasconcelos Exhibition in the Palácio da Ajuda in Lisbon. July 2013.

Sometimes people - in this case, my boss - will surprise you! Got this engraved tumbler, something that all employees have and walk around with here at the office. I feel special!

It’s a little behind, but this is my D&AD project submission for ‘Lets Make a Mark’ brief. This is truly a product of a DPS experience - my partner on this project was Danny Pallett, a recent graduate from UCA Farnham that I met at a D&AD presentation way back in November, I believe. I’m quite proud of what we managed to accomplish, since we had such a tight time frame - I had been offered an extra week at Clinic and just couldn’t refuse the offer (we need those internships to pass this diploma!) it was a super intense time but so much fun. I’ll write another post about all the things we went through and what I learnt in the process!

Re-designing my CV… still working on it

Life in the real world.


What I thought it would be like:


What it’s actually like:


Updating the website, still using Prosite. But I’m considering changing to cargo and am messing around with the possibilities..

The 2008 Cannes Lion award at the office reception…

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